Humans in The Headlights


The self-acclaimed “Must have game for the holidays”. Humans in the Headlight is an exciting and thrilling game for non-gamers that you can play with a group of friends and family. Heck, even strangers!
Do your best to give clues for your teammates to guess the word or phrase on the phone before the timer runs out!
Don’t have the phone in your hand when the timer runs out!
From categories like “Jobs”, to “Dirty Santa”, pick your poison and have some fun!
-Game night!? Play with 1 to 20, (Or more) friends at one time!
-When the “headlight” comes on, the sound barrier is ACTIVATED! (But not for long!) Don’t get too loud or else who ever makes a noise top trigger the switch ends the round!
-Having trouble giving clues? Tap on the phone to change the word/phrase
-A variety of categories will challenge you and your friends. Entertain the crowd for hours all in this app!


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